Posted by djp on Feb 29, 2012

Exclusive: Xecuter Fusion Bios.. Almost Everything You Need To Know.

Hey guys.. We have some inside information reguarding the Xecuter Fusion Custom Bios!

Xecuter Fusion Bios

All of this information comes from an inside source within the Xecuter Team who wishes to remain anonymous as he risks being fired for sharing this information with us. Apparently the leaked video that you may have seen is month’s old, and the new features added to the current build blow the old stuff away. The Xecuter Fusion is a custom bios that allows custom boot up animations, has a ton of developer tools and repair features. Xecuter Fusion Bios is made to help compliment custom dashboard’s such as Freestyle Dash and more. Since the explosion of RGH 2.0, many former Xecuter employee’s (dating all the way back to Xbox 1 development) have came out of retirement to help with the new bios. Like I said, the anonymous source wishes to remain anonymous, and everyone on the team will deny Xecuter Fusion Bios even exists, until release. Here is a screenshot that they provided us with as proof.

A few features of Xecuter Fusion:
-Pair DVD-Drive
-System Encryption
-Boot Dev Launcher
-Trainer Mode

We have insider access here at, so feel free to ask question’s away on our comments or in our forums, and we will
be happy to try and get them answered for you.

As always, Your #1 Xecuter Inside Source

Here’s the original leaked video.

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