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Ski Champion heading to iOS

A new ski based game, “Ski Champion” is set to hit the App Store sometime in the near future and is awaiting verification by Apple before its release. “Ski Champion” is the first title developed by newly formed company Majaka and focuses on fast paced ski action.

Press Release:

New Mobile Studio Majaka

Arkane Studios, Virtuos Alumni Form New Mobile Studio Majaka, Announce Ski Champion

New mobile developer formed in Paris, France, focuses on freemium games, first title “Ski Champion” hitting iPhone and iPad App Store in March

Paris – March 20th, 2012 : Two French video games professionnals with 5+ years experience have formed a new mobile games development and publishing company, Majaka.

Gaël Giraudeau was a Game Designer and a Producer at Zenimax-owned Arkane Studios in Lyons, working on upcoming 2K Games title Spec Ops: THE LINE. Nicolas Godement-Berline was an Account Manager and a PS3 Producer at Virtuos in Shanghai, China, a leading provider of outsourced production services to the games industry.

“The rise of free-to-play on iOS and Android platforms provides an unprecedented opportunity for developers to create games they care about and actually earn a living”, said Godement-Berline, President of Majaka. “Our plan is to self-fund and publish a slate of 3 to 5 games in 2012, all focusing on a narrow set of highly polished features.”

While Majaka’s fun & polished games are simple and accessible at first glance, be wary : they will grow on you and may well prove terribly addictive ! Majaka views its games not as mere fire-and-forget products, but rather as a service that players can enjoy in the long run. Majaka commits to releasing regular updates, providing channels for players to communicate and always being responsive to the community.

The duo is also announcing the imminent release of Majaka’s first title, Ski Champion for iPhone and iPad.

“We could not find any ski slalom game we would want to play on the App Store, so we decided to just go ahead and make one”, said Giraudeau, Creative Director. “Ski Champion has both the scope and fast-paced, pick-up-and-play gameplay we wanted to target for our first title”.

Ski Champion’s development is complete. A build of the game is currently waiting for review at Apple until it can be published on the App Store. Further updates are already in development at Majaka.

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