How The Battle For Azeroth Going To Be A Bit Bigger This Time?

For the fans of World of Warcraft series, it is a long wait until 14th August 2018 when the latest edition of the game Battle for Azeroth will be released for purchase. Game addicts will know that none of the editions of this game has failed to impress, and the popularity of this series has only increased with every edition. As a trusted online platform, Gamivo has consistently been bringing the latest and most diverse assortment of online games for you, and to add more fun to your excitement you will be happy to know that you can get access to cd key for Battle of Azeroth from Gamivo website. Gamivo will connect you to secure digital game distributing websites by means of the latest and most advanced digital platforms that are completely secure.

Why is the world looking forward to Battle for Azeroth?

Each edition of World of Warcraft series has proven to be bigger and better than its predecessor, and Battle for Azeroth is expected to follow the same trend. What makes avid gamers all across the world wait impatiently for the release of this edition are some exciting additions that have been brought about in this edition, some of them being:

The gameplay

You will be able to advance up to 120 level, instead of 110 as in the sixth edition of this game. The number of character slots has also been increased from 12 to 16 per server. Also, the same tech will be applicable to all the new continents and to the old content from previous editions. The power artefact ‘Heart of Azeroth’ will be a necklace to tap the force of Azurite and will need regular up-gradation. The cd key for Battle of Azeroth will allow you to experience the thrill and excitement of these magical game.

New allied races unlocked up to level 110

You will be thrilled with the new allied races that will be unlocked as you advance in the game. Reach level 110, unlock quests and meet requirements to activate Lightford draenei, Kul Tirak humans, iron dwarves and void elves as the Alliance; and Highmountain tauren, Mag’har orcs, Zandalari and Nightborne as the Horde.

More dynamic warfronts and challenges

The battle for Azeroth promises more thrilling and adventurous challenges and expeditions for completing quests and reaching targets, thanks to the new and much more advanced version of multiplayer content and settings. These larger-scale battlefields are inspired by the original RTS battles of Warcraft and will make a warfront for 20 people at one go. As you plunder the battlefields, seek more azurite to increase your powers, capture more resources to increase and develop the forces of your factions, you will direct your army to do its goals and taste victory in the most anticipated and grandest version of this game so far.

Purchase your cd key for Battle for Azeroth today and save the disappointment of waiting times and long queues in August. After all, you should be ready in every way possible for this grand battle that begins on 14th August 2018 and will expand to enormous proportions online.

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